The AB Communication of CEAS

AB Communication of CEAS: BeCOMMing a Communication Student

“Bachelor of Arts in Communication wasn’t my first choice…”. Many of us used this statement to introduce ourselves throughout our first year. True, when I was set to enroll at National University (NU) – Manila, I intended to select the Bachelor of Science in Psychology as my major. But when I discovered the “Bachelor of Arts in Communication” course, I knew it was where I belonged. Now, I’m a third-year student in the ABComm program of the College of Education Arts and Sciences. I’ve never felt confident in making a last-minute modification to a crucial decision. Choosing the AB Communication of CEAS – NU Manila was one of the best decisions I made in my entire existence.

Struggles and Wins

I can say that the first two years were the most difficult, and perhaps harder than this year combined. First and foremost, it featured a Mathematics topic. It was a tremendous lump in the throat for someone whose weaknesses are numbers and computations. Second, the first two years were filled with hefty readings here and there, matched with mandatory analysis papers of at least three pages. During the first two challenging academic years, I made new friends with whom I am becoming closer with as each school year passes.

This program significantly improved my communication skills. College life ignited my passion for doing voiceovers. I whole-heartedly enjoy when I get asked to do voice-overs for the university and school requirements like group work. During my high school years, I participated in radio broadcasting, TV broadcasting, and public speaking, but voice acting was a new interest for me. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I discovered I wanted to pursue it. My first significant university voice-over project was for an international webinar for various schools. Unfortunately, I no longer have the file for the university’s promotional video, for which I did the voice-over. To learn more about the webinar, follow this link:

The Highlight of ABComm as a Program

For me, The Comm.pendium’s (our program’s newly officialized organization) General Assembly, was the highlight of the program. Congratulations to my classmates, block mates, our program’s freshmen, and sophomores, and, of course, the professors who assisted them in planning this event. I’m sure many of us were left hanging and wished for more activities like that for our program to enhance our COMMunity.

Here are some of my favorite photos of me and my ABComm family:

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