The National Capital Region (NCR)’s northern portion is renowned for its thriving urban areas and a variety of tourist attractions that appeal to both locals and tourists. However, in the middle of the concrete jungle, discovering natural areas can be both difficult and rewarding. Thankfully, the Tagalag Fishing Village in Valenzuela City provides an oasis from the bustle of the city and allows visitors to experience a variety of aquatic adventures in a welcoming environment without leaving the NCR. The park and its aquatic attractions also offer an immersive eco-tourism experience that rivals other rural destinations.

On February 15, 2020, the Tagalag Fishing Village, a sizable fishing site with a park, boardwalk, and a number of restaurants ranging from casual to formal, had become Valenzuela City’s “best-kept secret” and had been made public. The tourism spot is the brainchild of the administration of former Mayor Rex Gatchalian.

The fishing haven offers numerous aquatic and eco-related experiences along a 1,300-meter fenced boardwalk, making it a must-visit location.

Things to do at Tagalag Fishing Village

As the name suggests, fishing is one of the main activities in this wonderful fishing haven.

The natural resources of the village are exclusively for recreational and commercial fishing, with fish populations that extend beyond the well-known tilapia and bangus (milkfish).

Because of the bodies of water that surround the area, hito (catfishes) and other aquatic species can also be found in abundance.

Floating bar & Restaurant

For those looking for a unique, romantic, formal dining spot in the metro, the fishing village also has the floating bar and restaurant – The Fisherman’s Point, serving course meals not limited to seafood dishes.

3- & 6-course meals

Tagalag Fishing Village’s Fisherman’s Point offers a 3-course lunch and a 6-course dinner.

Appetizers include salmon tartare drizzled with sesame oil, chili oil, and topped with mango, as well as tuna tataki, which is seared tuna atop a salad of summer vegetables.

Meanwhile, dinner options for beef and shellfish include pan-seared rib-eye and creamy French lobster thermidor served in a rich wine sauce.

Finally, to cap off a fantastic dinner, the floating bar and restaurant delivers classic sweets such as tiramisu and creme brulee.

Al-fresco, rooftop dining

The Fisherman’s Point
Image credit: Alvarez Park Cafe/Remillie Alvarez

The Fisherman’s Point’s elegant course meal may be enjoyed in its inviting, wood-accented ambiance.

There is floor to ceiling windows throughout the space, providing a tranquil view of the fishpond.

Inside the restaurant
Image credit: Alvarez Park Cafe/Remillie Alvarez

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to eat indoors due to the pandemic, there is also an outside rooftop deck.

Indeed, it’s no wonder that it has become a well-liked location for marriage proposals at night because there are lights that transform the area into a romantic setting.

Fishing & other activities

On the other hand, there are other activities at Tagalag Fishing Village besides eating, so you can stay there for a while and have a full day of entertainment.

For instance, you can rent a boat or a kayak to navigate the fishpond, or you can rent a fishing rod and catch your own fish.

Also, the 10-hectare fishing area is home to 40 fishing stations.

Wall mural at Tagalag Fishing Village
Image credit: Valenzuela City

Furthermore, cycling is another activity they’ve recently added to the fishing village.

Additionally, they also have a wall mural with an underwater theme where you can take pictures.

Attractions at Valenzuela’s Tagalag Fishing Village

With a variety of restaurants to choose from in one convenient location, we have Valenzuela City to thank for sharing Tagalag Fishing Village.

More so, it’s even a great bonus that you can enjoy other activities in the area for a fulfilling day out!

Address: Barangay Tagalag, Valenzuela City, Metro Manila
Opening hours: 
Mon–Tue, Thu–Sun 11AM-10.30PM |Closed Wednesdays

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