The Best Beach Resort In San Narciso, Quezon

Are you trying to find a beach resort that’s worth every penny? KaJuanderers, we got you. In San Narciso, Quezon, the Talisay Beach Resort is a magnificent and perfect location to unwind and seize your day. Its nature is just one thing from all the fascinating things there. You can try a range of delicacies at this venue, along with a variety of activities.

The Talisay Beach Resort is the perfect place to unwind alone, with friends, family, or coworkers. This seaside resort may appeal to visitors of any age due to its affordable accommodation and cuisine. Additionally, this beach resort has stunning rock formations and seawater. It’s perfect for your Instagram feed!


Let’s tour Talisay Beach Resort in San Narciso, Quezon – a breathtaking and magnificent beach resort in San Narciso Province of Quezon, without further ado. No more sana all everyone, because admittance to this beach resort only costs 10 pesos each person, odiba. They also charge a moderate entrance fee, and their cottages cost between 300 and 1,200 pesos.

Recommendable Coffee

The Talisay Beach Resort upholds its standing as one of the “cheapest yet most beautiful beach resorts in Quezon Province”. This resort offers affordable lodging in addition to delicious and refreshing meals and drinks. The “Talisay Coffee” is one of the well-known and must-try drinks there.

Their coffee shop has the best drinks, especially their signature coffee. It was already widely known before it became more popular. Their cocktails might cost up to 200 pesos. I thought their caramel macchiatos had the ideal amount of flavor—not too overpowering or too sweet.

Activities to Enjoy

You can participate in activities at this beach resort while appreciating the local scenery. I could suggest that you engage in island hopping, one of their activities. I loved taking boat rides, admiring the beauty of the ocean, and feeling the ferocious winds on my skin. The island is ideal for photography and has a long history. “Napinto Island” has crystal pure sea water and is ideal for watching the sunset. It’s also known because of its history and mold.

My Observations and Recommendations

However, the island’s cleanliness and appropriate maintenance must be maintained. What I saw was that individuals tended to appreciate the location without giving it much thought. For the benefit of everyone, this stunning beach and island must be kept in pristine condition.

They should take care of this area, especially the sea because it is a wonderful piece of nature and provides employment for all Filipinos. Nevertheless, Talisay Beach in San Narciso, Quezon, is the ideal location if you’re looking for a vacation spot that’s also reasonably priced. In addition to its lodging, this place has reasonably priced food and other costs. So, what are you waiting for KaJuanderers? Let us pack up our summer outfits and essentials because we are going to an in-demand beach resort in San Narciso, Quezon!

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