My Take on Content Management System

My Take on Content Management System: The Beginning

Content Management System (CMS) is one of those lessons that I learned to like throughout the process. When we knew that we’ll be having Web Content as one of our last set of subjects for this year’s 3rd term I felt intimidated. For someone who only has average knowledge and skills in content creation, I fear the idea of being required to create my own website. So when we were asked to be grouped for the tasks it was a relief for me at the start, plus I chose my friends to be able to work more comfortably. Here’s a brief sharing of my take on Content Management System:

New Learnings from CMS

This subject indeed gave me new knowledge that I can benefit from until my working life. But it also helped me gain confidence in my content creation skills. I thought website designing was just about posting content and designing the interface but dang, it goes beyond that. Content Management System awakened my thinking on the website creation industry, I thought it was hard but after taking this subject, it’s bloody hard! The tasks we were required to submit under the Web Content course were what really made me appreciate the website creation more and here are the reasons why:

What We Were Asked to Do for CMS

Fortunately, our professor, Mr. Roel Hernandez has websites of his own and was able to make us utilize them and re-design them into our group’s own website. For our group, we decided to have a travel blog wherein we posted our own travels and gathered related content as well from the internet. Below are the screenshots and links of each one of our submitted activities (except for quizzes and exams) with our scores and the professor’s feedback.

Here is the link for our mACT2:

Here is the link to our website to see all our 10 written articles for both mPT1 & mPT2:

Again to see our articles for fACT 2, visit our website, and, the articles in compliance with that are there as well.

Here is the link to our reel story edited by our groupmate Jethro:
Go visit this Facebook link to watch our proudly made call to action (CTA)/promotional video edited by Jethro as well (wherein I did the voice-over for hehe):

Again, just as you visit our website’s Facebook page, you’ll see that we were able to increase the likes and followers and post most of our website’s content. This was my favorite task among the rest because it felt like we were showcasing our hard work and team effort on social media.

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