Forda Café: Spontaneous Escapade at PugPog Biker’s Highlands

During the pandemic, biking has become one of the most popular things to do.

This is why there have been so many outdoor cafés popping up in the areas around Metro Manila.

Cafes in Pampanga, Rizal, and Tagaytay are good places for cyclists and people who just want to get out of Metro Manila for a while.

Pugpog Biker’s Highlands in Bulacan is another beautiful café you can add to the list!

Pugpog Bikers Highlands is an al fresco cafe and restaurant with an overlooking view of the Angat River and the Sierra Madre Mountain range.

The place has become a favorite pit stop for bikers and motorists en route to DRT, hence the name.

But it’s not just a favorite pit stop but also a perfect hangout place for Juanderers like us!

Our friend Ashley has seen this on the internet a lot of times and has been eyeing it for quite a while.

And when she introduced this to us, our spontaneity suddenly popped up, and, in a glimpse, we found ourselves traveling from Manila to Norzagaray, Bulacan, at 2 p.m. under the scorching heat, and finally, after almost four hours of travel, we have arrived at our destination!

Our experience at Pugpog Bikers Highlands

When you go to Pugpog Biker’s Highlands Cafe, you’ll get to enjoy good food and drinks, fresh air, a beautiful view, and a calm atmosphere.

Open-air dining is available at the cafe, which is not only one of the safest ways to eat in this hard time but also a great way to get some much-needed fresh air.

There are also various photo op locations throughout the property that allow you to appreciate the surrounding natural beauty. A few steps down the hill will lead you to a viewing platform and additional seats. Imagine visiting for breakfast; the view alone would make it the best for muni-muni.

Pugpog is not just for pit stops; the cafe’s enchanted appearance at night makes it an ideal location for a romantic date. And we are just lucky enough to experience this since we went there on a sunset until 8:30 in the evening – ’twas one of the best experiences we had!

We’ll definitely go back again!

Check out the other photos we took during our visit!

Pugpog Biker’s Highlands Cafe is located in Pugpog Road, Sta. Cruz, Angat, Bulacan, in front of Uratex Foam Angat. They are open daily for dine-in, pick-up, and delivery from 8 AM to 8 PM.

For inquiries and more information, send a message to 0965-355-6517 or visit their official Facebook page for more updates. 

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