ELYU’s Urbiztondo Beach: Where the Waves meet the Surfers

It’s no surprise that La Union’s surfing scene has created a platform of opportunities, making it one of the most sought-after summer destinations. Urbiztondo Beach, located in the heart of San Juan, La Union, is one of the country’s premier surfing spots.

Surfing Capital of the North

This area of La Union, also known as the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines, has a reputation for having the country’s most consistent waves, and a thriving surf culture has flourished in recent years.

Surfers can be seen testing the waves at Urbiztondo Beach at any time of day or night.

Visit between July and October (South Swell) or November to March (North Swell), as these are the best months for surfing.

Moreover, many locations provide surfing lessons for all levels, and there are numerous lodging options along the coast.

Surfboards can also be rented throughout the area.

Learning How to Surf

On the other hand, there are various schools and surfing camps that teach locals and tourists how to surf properly.

The San Juan Surf School, founded in 2003 by Filipino-Australian surfer Luke Landrigan, is one of the more popular schools in La Union.

Everyone refers to it as Surf Camp, and it is the most prominent surf school in the Philippines.

They provide the best surf equipment as well as an internationally accredited surf training program.

La Union Surf School is another surf school located at Urbiztondo Beach. They adhere to safety and high standards that are acknowledged throughout the world because they are certified by the ASI (Australia’s Academy of Surfing Instructors).

Jeff Ortega, a native of La Union and the director of the Department of Tourism in the Ilocos Region, and Filipino surfer Lorraine Lapus run the surf school.

Although some people might believe that surfing is only available in San Juan, waves can also be found in other towns as well.

Others can surf in the nearby cities of Bacnotan and San Fernando, La Union.

Other Things to do in Urbiztondo

Along with shops selling regional handicrafts and souvenirs, the area is also home to restaurants serving both local and international cuisine.

There are many excellent restaurants in Urbiztondo, serving everything from Mexican, Asian, and Italian food to comfort food and Filipino delicacies.

Locals and tourists from other countries return to Urbiztondo every year to take advantage of the beach lifestyle and enjoy the town’s laid-back atmosphere and artistic flair.

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