COMMusta: Choosing ABComm amidst Pandemic

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In the year 2020, my life became quite challenging in terms of what school and course I was going to pursue in my college life, and with the rising COVID-19 pandemic, my plan was ruined. My dream school and course that I wanted to take weren’t for me, so for this blog, I’m going to tell you guys why I chose AB Communication at National University-Manila.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication – CEAS

When pandemic rise in our country, the College of Education, Arts, and Sciences will give birth to the new program, which is the Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and even though the situation is not good because of the pandemic, they will pursue the program. The program facilitated by our program chair Mr. Denson Acomular with his/her faculty and contains two sections for the pioneers, who have undergone online classes up to this present year, two section for the second-year student, and four section for first-year student also having their blended classes.

As one of the pioneers of this program, I can say that there have been a lot of difficulties we’ve encountered for the last 2 years and months because of a lack of materials that we need to use for our online classes—financial, emotional, mentally, and also seeing each other personally. My life got ruined by many decisions in life, and after taking this program, I am proud to say that we’re about to graduate, take our undergraduate degree, and pursue our expertise outside the university.

You will enjoy the program if you will treasurer every single day with your classmates and this is the last stage as a student because if you are planning to take master’s, and doctorate the vibe was gone compare in this level. So I chose AB Comm because I’d like to enhance my oral and written skills and how to make an effective public relation adviser in the near future.

Highlighted things as PIONEERS

Being a pioneer of this program amidst the pandemic, it’s a privilege for us to be the first alumni for this program and also have a legacy with the lower section that no matter what, you need to fight and be strong for those shortcomings and be prepared for what life has given us.

Here are some highlighted pictures of mine.

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