A Glimpse of My Experience as a Communication Student at The National University of Manila.

One of our most exciting and challenging phases of life is college. Why is my experience as a communication student at The National University of Manila one of the driving forces in my life?

When it Started

This program, AbComm, was offered online to me. I was used to learning in a face-to-face setting or the traditional one, so I understood right away that this setup would be quite difficult. As time passed, I developed my ability to control and manage it. I gained a great deal of insight and wisdom from these experiences.

My Experiences

As a result, I also learned a great deal in my program’s courses on photography and videography, advertising, communication research, and other subjects that helped me develop as a communication scholar. I also want to talk about my experiences as a member of the National University Student Government (NUSG), The National University of Manila’s highest governing body. I’ve been a part of this student-led organization since my second year of college, and I’ve found that it’s been a great way for me to express myself and simply enjoy college life.


Furthermore, I made a lot of friends who inspired me to work hard on my academics; they helped boost my self-esteem, and I will cherish each of them for the rest of my life. My current situation as a communication student at The National University of Manila is excellent, but my journey has not been simple at all due to the difficulties I encountered while passing all of my classes. Despite the fact that it is not at all simple, I believe that this path will serve as a beacon for me and a guide to my success in the future.

I am very grateful that I experienced all of these  despite all of the problems I had  in the past. Never ending thank you to all the people I met, the good one and the bad one. All of the mistakes I had on this journey leave a wonderful lessons to me that  led me to become a better student, not just a student but an overall person who wants to live prosperous life.

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