CMS all about: What you can do.

Learning something new in the online field is quite challenging and different than in a face-to-face setting of learning, but here in web content management. I am really amazed at the tools we’re using and also the knowledge we share with each other in our classes to facilitate more collaborative discussion.

Web content management, which teaches you how to create fantastic content using one platform, WordPress, is one of the best subjects I have for our final four major ABComm subjects. The topic I adore in addition to this one is content management systems.

Content management is all about?

A type of software called a content management system, or CMS, is used to produce content for websites and other online publications. You can frequently build a website using a CMS without writing any code.

First of all, I’m worried that I won’t complete any of the tasks for this topic because I’m having trouble with my laptop. However, I found a way to solve this issue as well. So I borrowed a laptop from a classmate. In this topic, Professor Roel Hernandez, who is our adviser here in web content, has given us our first task, which is quite simple, but I really enjoy creating layouts.

Highlighted Task for WEB CONTENT

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