Close your eyes and imagine you’re on Boracay’s beach slowly stepping into the sea.

The blazing sun hits your skin, and the cold water gradually embraces your ankles up to your legs, and thighs then finally, you’ve submerged into it leaving your head out.

As you open your eyes, you look down into the sea and can clearly see everything that lies beneath it, the sand, small fishes swimming around and no trash visible at all.

A soothing experience you dasurv!

A Perfect Haven

The soothing feeling that Boracay’s beach gives is more than just the cold water (unless you dip into it while it’s not that cold), it’s the clarity that adds up to its amusing quality.

With a sea that’s almost like a mirror because of its clearness, Boracay is a heaven of perfect sea and sand, no wonder it’s a global tourist spot for its beach.

Experiencing both a swim and pictorial on a sea like that is one for the books. You’ll surely be thrilled to post your summer photo or vlog entries because it’s too beautiful not to flex on social media.


In our blog, we keep our feedback as authentic as possible and if you haven’t been to Boracay yet, I must tell you that the sea isn’t always that perfect, there are times when the sea can get really algae-y.

It was February last year when I and my sister went there, she was so pumped up for me to finally see the beach she was so proud of since it was her second time already that time.

Disappointingly, the scene that welcomed us as we went to our hotel was a greenish shoreline due to algae which are normal due to nature calls. But fret not, since not the entire sea is full of algae, just from the shoreline and a little bit on the deeper part but as you go deeper and deeper the algae lessens.

On station 3, there were so many algae but when we checked on stations 2 and 1, we discovered that the algae were becoming fewer, technically on an algae season, if you want an algae-free area just go straight ahead to station 1.

Also, prepare yourselves to dive into an algae-y part, they will sluggishly cling onto your body as you swim, and you can’t avoid it since you’ll need to dip from the shoreline before reaching the deeper parts.

Check out this article about Bocaray Island’s Green Algae to learn more about why tourists see so much of these in Boracay during the summer:

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Amidst the Green Algae

Despite of the algae situation, I am still in love with Boracay’s beach. I could say that it was part of its beauty, and this is the part where I get all cliché and empowering saying how flaws are what make us humans beautiful and it’s the same case for Boracay’s beach.

Take a look at these pictures of me posing in and with the crystal-clear sea of Boracay:

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