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We are your traveling buddies! Here we share our local travels that are truly memorable. From travel galleries to our experiences and our recommendations on some of our beautiful country’s best spots, we lay it out for you!

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4 Juanderers living across the Philippines collaborated for this blog to share all things Philippine travel. This might just be the ultimate local travel guide you’ve been looking for. Maybe you’re just feeling like checking out vacation spots for leisure. Why not? Feel free as the waves of the ocean!


Jethro is the pubmat master of Forsh Travel. He made all of the group’s pub mats which can be seen on Forsh Travel’s official Facebook page. He also manages their social media activities too.


Raiza is the grammar OC of Forsh Travel. She makes sure that all their articles are well-written and have little to no grammatical errors. She also makes captions of their social media postings.


Hero holds the bird’s-eye view of Forsh Travel. He finalizes all the articles before they publish them on their blog site. He leads the group in terms of content posting, points to improve on, and article posting schedule.


Chris is the tech master of the group. He tries to fix the technical conflicts that Forsh Travel is facing. Members who try to fix technical issues themselves and fail to, ask for assistance from him.

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Life is too short, and the world is too wide; you need to start traveling, and the Philippines is one of the best places to start with! Consisting of 7,107 islands, it’s hard to choose a spot as your first destination.