Forda perfection and sand sa Bora? Totoo ang chismis! There is no such thing as perfection. But during our trip to Boracay the previous year, I believe I had a glimpse of it. Pure satisfaction was felt when I took a large quantity of sand in my palms and let it fall to the ground. Boracay has undoubtedly long been proud of its white sand. You won’t be let down once you arrive, I assure you.

What to Expect As You Arrive

At times (seasonally lang naman mga par), the ocean alone can be rather disappointing. I’ll explain why in a subsequent article. I’ll be concentrating on my experience and love of their sand for this one. The beach isn’t the only draw to Boracay. There are, of course, a variety of establishments. Fast food franchises, fruit shake shops, gift shops, upscale restaurants, and buffets. Don’t forget the people who are offering something to you every minute as you stroll along the beach. Expect to find services like hair braiding, aquatic activities, and much more.

Sand’s Quality

If it’s your first time, you’ll be walking on the Boracay beach as the heat of the sun strikes you, yet your bare feet feel amazing. Yes, the sand you’ll be walking on is so fine and smooth that you don’t even have to wear your slippers unless you have wounds on your feet or you’re germophobic. Trust me when I say that the sand there is exactly like a baby’s powdered milk. Mars, that was honestly my first impression.

Of course, scent-wise, it doesn’t smell like milk but its texture, wow. Honey, don’t get offended but, I say it’s finer than your ex papshie or mamshie, eme! If there’s one thing that you probably won’t enjoy that much, it’s the long walks if you want to stroll through all stations 1-3 there.

Walking Through Perfection

Although walking is a great exercise and seeing the beauty of nature while breathing into the sea breeze makes it much healthier so it’s literally like walking through paradise. And walking you say? Well, with such a fine sand like that, I won’t mind if I must walk and walk especially if for da pictorial naman and swimming, char!

But kidding aside, this article or our blog is not sponsored but I highly recommend going to Boracay and experiencing their perfect sand yourselves and a lot more of what they offer. In our country, there are a lot of beaches to choose from for the perfect vacation or staycation. So far of all the beaches I’ve been to, Boracay is at the top of my list.

Until another beach gives me the same glimpse of perfection or beats that feeling, it still is. So, what are you waiting for mga Marites at Tolits? Save up and let’s all go to Boracay!

The photos below are from my and my sister’s trip to Boracay last year in February. Sorry na, I don’t have photos of the sand alone and these are the best I got, although I have one video of me playing with it, visit this link to see: https://www.facebook.com/raiza.jan.5/videos/685501999465209

Here you can see us laying on the fine sand and it feels fantastic, no need for beach mats! It’d just boil down to each of our preferences on the exact spot where to settle. If we want that perfect summer tan then we should stay where the sun hits and if not, stay underneath the palm trees or wait for the sunset.

I literally feel like powdered milk was spilled all over my body and I posed for the camera. I could stay there for hours in my swimsuit, especially during sunset. This is actually one of my favorite photos from our Boracay trip.

In this photo, you can see that I wasn’t that confident yet as it was our first day and my first time wearing a swimsuit in a public place at that age. Hence, the sweet girl poses and slightly awkward body language. One important tip to follow when going on beach trips is to go with supportive people because they will help you boost your confidence in your swimsuits.

Another favorite Boracay trip photo of mine is this mainly because I was becoming more confident since this was our last day as far as I can remember so I got used to wearing swimsuits there already. As I was posting my beach photos this time I felt conscious yet proud at the same time since I worked hard to get that body for almost a year. Now, I am still trying my best to be consistent with working out and eating healthy.

One thing I regret not doing on my first time in Boracay was trying to dig deep into the sand and let it embrace my body like a kid. I don’t think I’ll be doing that on my next trip there since I’ll be older and more mature at that time making me more conscious of letting the kid inside of me go out in public like that.

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