A Course to Enjoy As a Communication Student.

One of my main passions is producing internet material, and this course has greatly improved my ability to do it. The exercises we complete in this course are really practical, even though they are difficult, yet we like them. This has a great impact on life since, in addition to improving my abilities as a content creator, the CMS also helps me get ready for the future works or industry I’m about it work with.

My Journey

My journey through this course, communication program, has seemed a lot like a roller coaster to me. Even though some of the exercises are difficult, I enjoy writing articles like this one, creating videos, uploading to the website, and managing social media. I first believed that this course would be my least favorite of all the ones I registered up for this term, but that was not the case. For a variety of reasons, I cherished and adored this course.

Memories to remember

I learned a lot from this course as a result. I have learned so much from this course, and it has helped me improve my abilities as a content creator. I believe that one of my most enduring memories from this course is the time when my group mates were concerned about the website we were managing because we were still figuring out how each tool worked with the website we had selected, and as a result, the website crashed or stopped working due to a few of our mistakes.

Lesson Learned

However, this mistake, or more specifically one of our memorable journeys or experiences, had a significant impact on me since I had the opportunity to learn from them and enjoy our time together as college pals at the time. For a student like me who enjoys producing internet material, this course may be beneficial. This course was much improved and elevated by my content creation abilities. Learning is nothing if it isn’t put into practice, so we must apply what we’ve learned by doing it and taking meaningful action.

Vlog: https://youtu.be/mjd8DlwWmGw

Vlog: https://youtu.be/MgqVqUwya_A

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