From a College Student POV: The Power and Magic of Doing Academic Work and Content on Coffee Shops

A healthy lifestyle is desirable, but mental health must be stable and healthy. As a college student, it is my job to complete all of my academic assignments, as well as my responsibilities as a student council member, a content creator, and in my personal life.

Stress is constantly a part of my life because adulting is one of the most difficult phases of our lives. The challenge is, how can I manage my academics commitments, personal life, and role as a content creator?

One of my coping mechanisms for stress reduction is to take myself out on a date, preferably a coffee date.

Let me tell you about my go-to spot, a coffee shop that actually helps me become more productive and raise my mood.

Coffee Shop Recommendations

#1. Belfry Café in Intramuros

This coffee shop is one of my favorite places to visit when I want to relax while admiring the facade of the building.

This spot is especially close to my heart when I have a lot of duties to complete, and it has something that makes me more productive in some way. I always got their best-selling drink, an iced coffee called Belfry Café Latte.

This location’s environment is ideal for me because it has something that makes me feel at ease with what I’m doing, which is my academic duties. I recommend this location if you want a quiet coffee shop and an open area to see and feel the atmosphere of the city, or simply to experience the vibe of what they call the “walled city.”

#2. Floti Café in Jhocson St.

This coffee shop is one of my favorite locations to visit since, aside from its ambiance, I really enjoy their best-selling drink, the Spanish Latte. Because of its proximity to National University Main, this coffee shop is one of my go-to spots.

Life of a College Stud

However, I am concerned about this place because some of its clients are not following correct decorum when there. Some people have a habit of raising their voices, which is unpleasant since they are inconsiderate in some way, especially to those persons or students who are working on their academic work or simply enjoying the location silently.

#3. Juice Cubi in UE Recto

This is not a coffee shop, but I wanted to include this milk tea shops in my essay because it holds a special place in my heart. This is my alternate location whenever my dorm’s internet connection fails. Their internet connection is fast enough for me to do all of my tasks and upload all of my content.

My go-to orders at this place are their Chicken Teriyaki and their best-selling drinks, the Choco Mousse Pearl Milk Tea. This combination appeals to me because it contrasts the sweetness of the drink with the saltiness of the chicken sauce.

In terms of ambiance and aesthetics, I’ll rate this establishment as good because each corner is instagrammable and each dining table has a socket, which is ideal for students and content creators like myself who are continuously seeking for a socket because my gadgets run out of battery power.

college student in a coffee shop

If I want to date myself on a regular basis, these are my go-to spots. It has something to do with my mental health since, aside from the benefits I’m receiving, I respect my inner self because I’m becoming more self-sufficient in life, which is my dream.

College Stud POV: The Power/Magic of Doing Academic in Coffee Shop

Working in a coffee shop has the ability to enhance your mood and productivity. One key thing I might teach this reader is to make oneself comfortable with doing academic work and creating content; it will benefit you. Invest in a quiet setting that is pleasant enough for you to complete all of your tasks or outstanding responsibilities.


As a result, maintaining your academics while managing your life is quite difficult. However, there is always a way for us to neutralize all of the potential problems that we may face in the future. A basic action or response to our difficulties is the best we can do in our lives.

We are the creators of our own universe, and we must make this life beautiful. After a storm, there is always a brilliant yet blinking rainbow that serves as a reminder to us to keep moving forward.

A student like me is not perfect, but I’m doing my best to make the best decision of my life. I hope that the article will assist you in evaluating yourself as a more mature person with a healthy perspective not only in life but also in what you do.

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