10 Mistakes when travelling

We commit 10 mistakes when travelling. Traveling is all about exploring the unknown, so it’s not surprising if there are a few bumps in the road whether it’s your first trip abroad or you’re a nomadic traveler. The good news is that we have experience dealing with any potential problems because we have been in the travel industry for 40 years. With a little forethought and the knowledge gained from these typical travel blunders, you may concentrate on having fun on your vacation without worrying.


Traveling with a bulky, hefty baggage can significantly ruin your trip. A crowded suitcase might result in a disorganized hotel room, a hurting back, and an excessive amount of dirty laundry.

The first step in overpacking is picking a travel bag or luggage that is too large. Start with a carry-on bag and only upgrade if absolutely necessary. Try choosing everything you believe you’ll require, then try reducing half of it. You can reduce your choices to the absolute essentials with the aid of this technique. So that you can mix and match every piece in your vacation wardrobe, keep it neutral. In order to pack lighter, try to select clothing that may be worn for multiple activities.


Restaurants and cafes near well-known tourist destinations generally charge more than they would if you traveled a little farther. If you go where the locals eat, you’ll probably find a better range of more reasonably priced and higher-quality gourmet locations.

Research your vacation destination beforehand on websites like TripAdvisor, or once you get there, ask your lodging provider for advice. When you reserve lodging through websites like Airbnb, the owners frequently provide a list of “things to do,” such as restaurants and tourist attractions. Instead of taking the same well-trodden path as other tourists, this local knowledge may often be beneficial in providing you a better sense of the culture and more meaningful experiences.


Pickpockets may target you if you are carrying valuable stuff like jewelry, cameras, or other expensive items. It’s advisable to leave any irreplaceable valuables at home if theft isn’t a concern where you’re going because it’s all too easy to lose stuff while you’re traveling.

But if you must carry certain valuables, make sure you do it carefully. Think about bringing a blazer with zip pockets or opt to carry your cash and credit cards in a bum bag. Before leaving, take out any goods from your wallet or pocketbook, such as business cards and loyalty cards. Your wallet will become bulkier with additional cards, which may catch the attention of burglars. Never leave your belongings unattended as doing so could result in you losing coverage if they are stolen.


There is so much to do! Much to see! On paper, seeing nine countries in eight days may sound like a fantastic idea, but in reality, your vacation will likely be so chaotic that you might not even be able to recall where you were in each of the images.

When planning your itinerary, exercise restraint and leave room for unplanned activities so you can immerse yourself in a place’s culture and unwind. Give yourself some breathing room so you can take in the distinctive atmosphere of your destination.


Because they just didn’t leave themselves enough time to pass through security, a great number of travelers have missed planes. Nothing raises your blood pressure more than aimlessly waiting in line while your flight time increases.

Typically, you should get to the airport three hours prior to the departure of an international flight. Expect longer waits if you travel during a popular time of year, such as during school breaks. It’s never a bad idea to arrive early for your vacation so you can find a seat in the airport lounge and unwind before taking off.


The majority of banks have automated fraud-protection measures in place, so if you suddenly use your card in Bangkok while the bank anticipates you to be in United States, your card may be reported and temporarily suspended.

Fortunately, it’s extremely simple to stay out of this annoying circumstance. Just phone your bank and your credit card provider ahead of your trip and inform them when you’ll be gone and where you’re going.


Changing your money at the airport is the surest method to lose money in currency transactions. Learn about your other options, such as exchanging it at your bank, a foreign exchange store, or withdrawing cash at your destination, although rates and taxes are typically higher there.


Unwelcome news: your cell phone doesn’t work where you’re going, even though you were supposed to call the hotel to arrange for a shuttle when you got there!

By confirming your cell phone plan before your travel, you can avoid this circumstance. Order the right SIM card if your phone doesn’t operate where you are going so you won’t ever be without data.


Make sure your apparel is weather-appropriate as you’ll be traveling light (see Travel Mistake #1). Otherwise, you risk having a miserable vacation due to being either too hot, too cold, or too wet. That is not how a vacation should be spent.

Even if you are well acquainted with your destination, you should regularly check the weather prediction in the days before your travel. If required, modify your itinerary and make any necessary changes to your packing list. For instance, you might want to substitute a day at the museum for a day at the beach if the weather forecast calls for rain.


Sometimes, in our eagerness to book a flight (Piso Sale, hello?!), we often underestimate the hassle of visa application. That or our flight is nearing but our visa is yet to be released. This can be a nightmare.

Manage expectation in applying for Visa. Make sure documents are complete. Do prior research and process all requirements. Some flight require visa to be fresh and very recent. 

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